ENERCS at a Glance

ENERCS was founded out of passion for trucking industry. We started by designing an adaptor that would couple to an electric wrench and automates operation of a trailer’s landing gear. We did not stop until we perfected an adaptor with optimum strength, reliability and manufacturability.

We then focused on developing an electrified system that fully automates the operation of landing gears by just push of a button. The eDrive-Phi was born. Rather than assembling a unit from off-the-shelf parts, a method that we call it a LEGO approach, we developed a 3-phase brushless electric motor, and an intelligent sensorless controller that are the core elements of eDrive-Phi. Today’s eDrive-Phi reflects our countless efforts in developing a top-notch electric drive systems for trailer’s landing gear. R&D is our DNA and we continually are improving our designs.

Source of Electrified Systems for Trucking Industry

We are on a mission to ease the pain in the trucking industry. A source of ground-up research and development ENERCS develops electrified systems for different trucking applications. We started from landing gears, and we are expanding to electrify other aspects of semi-trucks and trailers. Stay tuned.

Current employment opportunities at ENERCS