Landing Gear Adaptor

Universal. Simple. Easy to Use

ENERCS’s landing gear adaptor is a simple device that automates semi-truck trailer landing gear system with the use of an electric power tool. Designed, and manufactured by ENERCS, the adaptor is attachable to all landing gear types, and replaces the use of a manual hand crank handle. The electric power tool can be any off-the -shelf 0.5-inch drive, which are widely available in the market and are multipurpose.

How It Works

For operation, the existing hand-crank handle is removed, and the adapter is slide and secured onto the landing gear shaft using a bolt and nut. The landing gear is placed on low-gear, and an electric power tool is used to lower or raise the landing legs.

The process significantly reduces the operation time and cost, while preventing injuries. In addition to electric drive the adapter can also be used with an air-powered impact wrench. The air impact wrench is connected to the tractor air supply using a glad hand and air hose. The existing hand crank can be mounted on top of adaptor in case the power tool is not operational.



To prevent injuries gently apply the power, stay on the side of the power tool and block the power tool movement by your body.